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Testimonial, Stephen Clifton – Supply Teacher

Principal Teachers are a fair organisation who value and foster positive relationships between themselves; the staff they employ; and of course, the schools. Not an easy balancing act, but it works!


Testimonial, Stephen Clifton – Supply Teacher

The online diary at Principal Teachers ensures that this system works well, and avoids the potentially awkward phone calls I have experienced with other agencies, because both parties know in advance when bookings are expected, or indeed, when they have already been secured. They also work hard to ensure that I get work within the age range that is suited to my skills and experience.


Testimomial, Chris Walker – Supply Teacher

I would, without question, recommend Principal Teachers to other professionals, whatever their level of experience, as their personal and tailored approach fits the assignments with the skills and needs of the teacher.

At Principal Teachers, you are a name, not a number, a colleague, not a statistic, and a teacher, not a supply teacher.

Testimonial, Le-Cateau Primary School

Principal Teachers recruitment procedures are first rate and they always respond to any concerns that we may have (but these are few and far between).

We will continue to use Principal Teachers because they are by far the best supply agency in our patch ……….. and they provide a great cup of coffee if you are passing!

Grahame Shepherd - Head Teacher

Testimonial, Le-Cateau Primary School

We have been with Principal Teachers since their inception and have always maintained an excellent relationship with them. They always try hard to fulfill any staffing needs that we may have.

Grahame Shepherd - Head Teacher



Testimonial, Steph Evans – Supply Teacher

I find Principal Teachers a most efficient and professional agency to work for. The staff are a pleasure to communicate with and bookings are backed up with practical technology.

Testimomial, Chris Walker – Supply Teacher

Principal Teachers gave me the support, motivation and self-belief to reignite my career. From first contact, through first placements and longer assignments, I felt part of a strong team.

Through my work as a Principal Teacher, I was able to broaden my range of experience in a number of varied and diverse settings, with the knowledge that I was supported every step of the way and the fantastic feeling of security that this brings.



Testimonial, Michael Sydall Primary School

  • Always Give an efficient, reliable service
  • Friendly yet professional approach and nothing is too much of a problem
  • Flexible and always willing to alter bookings if necessary
  • They know and understand our school and Tailor each booking accordingly

Sandra Ramsey


Testimonial, Stephen Clifton – Supply Teacher

When I joined Principal Teachers they said they could tailor their service to my individual needs, allowing me to work as much or as little as needed, or even just on specified days of the week. In practice I have found they have been true to their word, wherever practically possible.

Stephen Clifton – Supply Teacher


Testimonial, Mill Hill Primary

I appreciate the efficient service given, especially when I get those 7am phone calls!


Stephen Hanscombe, Head Teacher