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Testimonial, Hannah Clarke – Teacher

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the help and support Principal Teachers and yourself have given to me over the last 3 years. I am hoping that I can call on you again should I need you! I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you all and working at every school. There honestly hasn’t been one single school that I wouldn’t go back to. Thank you for all of the work and contacts!

Testimonial, Sue Shaw – Teacher

Working for Principal Teachers has been very rewarding. Having just moved into the North Yorkshire area, and working as a supply teacher for the first time, I found staff very supportive. When I wanted to teach a different age group to secondary, they helped me gradually gain confidence in teaching primary school children;  I feel I can trust them to find the right sort of job for me.

Testimonial, Craig Brown – Teacher

The Quality Assured Training provided a real insight into the life of a supply teacher. There were opportunities for colleagues and the instructor to share stories and address misconceptions. The lead instructor was knowledgeable and approachable with any misconceptions. I would strongly recommend this training to all future supply teachers.


Testimonial, Estelle Pringle – Teacher

I would recommend working with Principal Teachers.  Over the years they have made a real effort to find me work that matches with my experience and interests.  I have benefitted from their ability to place me in a wide variety of settings and they have taken care to ask how I get on.  It has been a great way to get back into teaching after stopping to have my family.




Testimonial, Hannah Clarke – Teacher

Principal Teachers are an excellent supply agency to work for. They offer a wide range of support including regular training, an easy to view online diary, a great up to date website and advice about schools and general teaching. They are extremely professional in everything they do; from booking teachers work to continuously communicating with schools. Their friendly approach to everyone, whether it is face to face or over the telephone means that no question or problem is too big for them to sort out. I would, and actually have recommended them to a number of friends and would continue to do this in the future. I can honestly say I am proud to work for Principal Teachers.


Testimonial, Kim Townson – Teaching Assistant

I found the ‘Quality Assured Teacher Course’ very useful in that I met up with other Teachers/TAs and it was interesting to hear their comments and experiences.  It was also a confidence builder in that the lady who took the course was very experienced and addressed everything we commented on and gave a lot of sound advice. The whole experience was very valuable and worthwhile.

It was also nice to touch base at Principal Teachers!

Testimonial, Hannah Clarke – Supply Teacher

I thought the course was productive and informative. It was delivered well; the course leader was easy-going and approachable which made for a relaxing atmosphere.  The hand-outs were very useful, including lots of top tips and helpful advice. Overall, the course supplied the right amount of information for new supply teachers but was a nice ‘refresher course’ for present supply teachers too.

Testimonial, Rachel Trewhitt – Supply Teacher

I appreciated the opportunity to attend the Quality Assured Teacher course and I felt that it was pertinent to both teachers and teaching assistants alike.  Personally it enabled me meet people in the same situation as myself, ask questions if necessary, listen to people’s experiences and reassure myself that I will be providing high quality supply cover.

Testimonial, Gail McMillan – Supply Teacher

Super inset yesterday for all of us who work for Principal Teachers…. Besides the reminders about best practice, it was fabulous to network with others in the organisation. More like this, please, perhaps one each term.
Feedback on the Quality Assured Teacher Course run by Principal Teachers.

Testimonial, Katie Brown – Supply Teacher

I am grateful for the fantastic introduction to teaching that working for Principal Teachers has provided me with. I believe that my supply work has increased my confidence and experience within Key Stage Two; this is what I stated that I had hoped to achieve during my interview with Victoria in September. I am also highly grateful for the support that was given to me when I had queries and concerns regarding various aspects of my job, it was truly appreciated.

Thank you for the opportunities and support that you have provided me with in these past few months.